Have a Business Success Story?

At our most meta level, UpScale University is a platform built to be a game-change resource for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and growing small businesses. The Secret Sauce Podcast is an extension of that mission, drawing from the expertise and inspiration of you who have found success in the trenches. USU is built around the insight of industry leaders.

All of us who have ground it out as small business owners have found solutions to really difficult, unexpected challenges. And in most cases, you had success solving those challenges because of that special tenacity most of us who start something like this possess, but even more due to a few success fundamentals we live by. Those solution-oriented, non-negotiables, and nuggets of incredible insight that were instilled by someone to us.

That is the kind of insight and inspiration that can be passed on and have a tremendous impact on those who follow us down the road of small business independence.

And better, don’t we love to share stories and success we have achieved in the hope we can elevate someone else? To be a true hero to them?

Benefits of Being a Podcast Guest

  • Build your industry brand authority
  • Inspire and influence the success of a new generation of Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners
  • Gain exposure to our tribe and other listeners for potential business connections
  • Be a difference maker and add to your legacy
  • Allow seasoned entrepreneurs and small business owners to share valuable insight that only you have
  • Allow you to build Industry, Business and Personal branding