Successfully becoming a solopreneur or small business owner is usually a turning point for everyone that does it. It’s an actual physical rush! The thought of going back to work for someone else becomes almost laughable.

But it’s not easy for most, and there are so many things we learn along the road that we wish could have been learned before they cost us time, money, and likely customers. Sometimes those mistakes end our businesses.

UpScaleU was developed because of real world challenges we as small business owners lived. There was no simple – beginning-to-end guide – available that applied to any individual, start-up, or growing business. It’s available now! Come join us!

UpScaleU was built to solve our own business growth challenges –
now use it to solve yours.

Our Why

Everything that matters starts with why. You are why.

You know the feeling when you are teaching a young child and all of the sudden you see their lightbulb come on because they just got it? That aha moment? UpScaleU is really that fundamental – helping others experience game-changing lightbulb moments.

Maybe more important is the other side of our coin – UpScale Foundation, with a focus on destiny-altering fundamental skills training dedicated to youth and the underserved community.


To be the most important – backbone resource – to entrepreneurs, so they can grow businesses to maximize their personal value and earning power, and create true freedom.

Core Values

  • Lead with Optimism and a Smile – Be a Leader, build your own legacy, guide people to success, and smile! It’s infectious and it feeds your optimism.
  • Allow Others to be Heroes – Be centered and hear people, let them shine, be their fan, and help them to the top.
  • Seek Ah-ha Moments – They are dopamine inducing and drive optimistic culture.
  • Teamwork is Strength – But it’s more than teamwork. It’s everyone elevating everyone else around them!

USU Difference-Makers

The Great News!

There are 3 reasons UpScale University can be an amazing option for you:

  • Small Adjustments
  • Chemistry With Your Business
  • Simplicity Wins

In almost every case, you just need small adjustments, not sweeping overhaul changes.

Chemistry happens when you align what’s inside of you with your business. You are tapping into your internal genius. We all have it, let it flow and drive your superpower.

The UpScaleU system works off a four-point framework – Alignment, Roadmap, Cashflow, and Re-Up! This fresh clarity migrates into a very simple strategy of Core Drivers and Focus Points. Clear and functional.

Your Backbone Resource

Anyone can do this, and at any stage. Our fundamental approach is universally applicable to anything you are working with. We are built as a backbone framework and resource that you use to launch you and your business to the next level.

Let’s Get Started