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Becoming a self-employed business owner

Now What?

Nail the Big Five!

  • THE List!
  • Magnetic Branding
  • The Customer “Experience”
  • Word-of-Mouth Enthusiasm
  • Leveraged Revenue

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Startup Solopreneur or Growing Small Business – This Formula is Game-Changing!

THE List!

Literally the most important component is curating your best contact list, and a fresh Launch Strategy.

Magnetic Branding

Attract more of your BEST customers who understand the value you deliver. Never compete on price again.

Customer Experience

Reputation is everything! Deliver the “experience” to build outstanding testimonials. Elevate yourself.

Word-of-Mouth Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm about your customer and a simple ask, drives the word-of-mouth growth engine.

Leveraged Revenue

Maximize your earnings per hour by building around the leverageable parts of your business. This is the foundation for all scaling.

An effective roadmap…

  • Connects what’s inside you to your business
  • Is not complicated to create
  • Simple to follow
  • Gives you time vs. taking time
  • Keeps you in “The Zone” – On message and on target

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